EPA Administer Assembles Task Force for Superfund Restructuring

On May 22, 2017, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt created a task force to improve the Superfund remediation process. He asked the Superfund task force to find ways to “utilize alternative and non-traditional approaches for financing site cleanups.” The task force’s recommendations were due by June 21, 2017. EPA has not yet announced its recommendations.

Creation of the task force was announced one day before the Trump Administration released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2018. The proposal would cut the EPA’s budget by 31.4 percent. In the proposed budget, Superfund spending is reduced by 25 percent — $330 million. Such drastic cuts may not be approved by Congress.

Future management of the Superfund program may rely on called the “Superfund Alternative Approach” to streamline efforts. Under the Superfund Alternative Approach sites are not added to the National Priorities List. However, the Alternative Approach uses the same standards and investigation process as sites addressed under the conventional approach. The Superfund Alternative Approach can’t be used at every site, just those with a willing, capable potential responsible party who will negotiate and sign an agreement with EPA to perform the investigation or cleanup. In addition, sites managed under the Alternative Approach are not eligible for federal cleanup funds. This process cannot be used to remove sites from the National Priorities List, which may frustrate companies working towards permanent resolution of remediation obligations.