Environmental Regulation

The Verdant team consists of environmental attorneys who have been on the cutting-edge of emerging environmental issues for the past four decades. Members of our team have been instrumental in developing key environmental legislation, regulations and industry standards.  We specialize in strategies for management of complex regulatory issues involving multiple agencies, Congress and related toxic tort and product liability litigation (see litigation experience).

We focus on cost-effective and sensible solutions for our clients, offering comprehensive legal counsel on all facets of environmental issues, including administrative approvals, rulemaking and related litigation, as well as legislation, permitting, enforcement, counseling and government relations.

Navigating the myriad of permitting, registration, reporting and other requirements that these statutes impose can be a daunting task often requiring the assistance of technical consultants and legal counsel. Verdant helps clients understand the requirements, identify opportunities to tailor them to meet unique circumstances, and respond to any noncompliance that may occur. Verdant utilizes its focus on product regulation to assist clients by:

  • Interpreting existing regulations and standards.
  • Challenging new regulatory proposals.
  • Seeking new or modified regulations or policies.
  • Participating in voluntary standards development efforts.
  • Managing internal compliance audits and investigations.
  • Conducting voluntary disclosures of potential noncompliance.
  • Defending against enforcement actions.

In recent years, Verdant attorneys have represented clients before Congress, administrative agencies and the courts in major matters involving:

  • Air quality standards (indoor and outdoor), permitting and enforcement;
  • Rulemaking, testing, reporting and compliance under toxic chemical requirements;
  • Greenhouse gas legislation and regulation;
  • Regulation of fuels, including fossil and biofuels;
  • Hazardous and solid waste rulemaking, permitting and enforcement;
  • Water quality permitting and enforcement, including wetlands issues;
  • Drinking water standards;
  • Green marketing regulation, enforcement and litigation;
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analyses and litigation;
  • Reporting chemical releases;
  • Federal highway and transit legislation, funding and litigation;
  • Energy legislation, regulation and funding; and
  • Public and Indian lands issues, including Indian gaming and environmental issues.

We also have substantial experience with environmental matters in the European Union, various member states and other foreign jurisdictions.