ECHA finds that 70 percent of REACH registration dossiers are noncompliant.

After evaluating over 1,000 substance registration dossiers in the over-100 tonne per year band, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) found that almost 70 percent of the dossiers were noncompliant. Yesterday, ECHA announced the results of its compliance checks of 1,130 dossiers, comprising 5.7 percent of the registration dossiers over 100 tonnes submitted for the first REACH registration deadline in 2010. REACH requires the agency to check compliance for at least 5 percent of each tonnage band.

The agency identified two main causes for noncompliance: information deficiencies regarding the substance’s identification and composition; and missing data in chemical safety reports or insufficient justification for not submitting required studies.

ECHA’s Executive Director, Geert Dancet, described the completion of the compliance check as an “important milestone which helps all registrants to better understand their legal requirements.” Dancet also pointed out that the high noncompliance rate was not surprising since ECHA had targeted the compliance check on dossiers that had been electronically pre-screened for having “apparent shortcomings.”

ECHA has issued decisions as a result of the compliance check to registrants, who are required to submit the requested information. EU member states are responsible for enforcement of these decisions. ChemicalWatch notes that ECHA has declined to reveal either the companies or substances associated with the noncompliant dossiers, to the chagrin of certain NGO critics.