CPSC Publishes Request for Information Regarding PFAS in Consumer Products

On September 20, 2023, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a request for information (RFI) in the Federal Register for information on PFAS in consumer products. The RFI requests information from all stakeholders, including “consumers, manufacturers and importers, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and researchers.”

The requested information falls into three categories:

  1. Use or potential use of PFAS in consumer products, including information about the definition of PFAS, identification of specific PFAS potentially used or present in consumer products, and information about which PFAS or consumer products CPSC should prioritize in future assessments, among other information;
  2. Potential human exposures to PFAS associated with consumer products use, including information about the potential for exposure and risk from the presence of PFAS in consumer products, among other information; and
  3. Potential adverse human health effects informed by toxicological data, including reports that could inform whether individual PFAS or categories of PFAS have the potential for adverse human health effects, and information on additional data sources that CPSC should consider.

The Federal Register notice also announced the availability of a contract report that CPSC commissioned to characterize the use of PFAS in consumer products, identify PFAS regulations and restrictions, and summarize recent hazard, exposure, and risk assessments on PFAS. The contract report ultimately identified 863 PFAS with reported use or detection in consumer products. The RFI instructs reporting entities to consider information already available to CPSC in the contract report when reporting information.

CPSC does not explicitly state what it plans to do with the collected data in the RFI but states that the contract report “identif[ies] possible next steps.” The next steps identified by the contract report include research (such as developing a consensus on the definition of PFAS), new regulations, and consumer awareness.

The RFI comes after Minnesota, Maine, and other states passed regulations limiting the use of PFAS in consumer products. CPSC will accept the requested information through November 20, 2023.