CDR Reporting Violations to Cost Ricoh Electronics $245,990

EPA recently settled its case against Ricoh Electronics, Inc., for inaccurate reporting and recordkeeping of chemical substances imported by its facilities located in Tustin and Santa Ana, CA, and Lawrenceville, GA.  Under the settlement, Ricoh Electronics will pay a fine of $245,990.

These violations were found when the Agency inspected the company’s Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) submissions.  EPA reports that in 2012, Ricoh filed a timely, but inaccurate, CDR report of the total annual volumes of three chemical substances imported in 2011 at its Tustin facility, and one chemical substance imported at its Santa Ana facility.  In addition, the Agency found that the company did not have records documenting the quantity of 10 chemical substances imported to its Lawrenceville, Ga., facility in 2015.

CDR reporting under TSCA requires the companies submit information to EPA regarding the chemical substances that they manufactured of imported at volumes of 25,000 pounds or more.  Reporting is only required for substances listed on the TSCA Inventory.  The submission period for the most recent CDR data collection ended in October 2016.  Reporting will not be required again until 2020.