EPA-Small Business Administration Meeting on Methylene Chloride in Furniture Refinishing

On August 18, 2017 EPA announced a Public Meeting on Methylene Chloride in Furniture Refinishing in collaboration with the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy.

On September 12, 2017, EPA, in collaboration with the SBA Office of Advocacy, is holding a public workshop on the use of the paint remover, methylene chloride, in furniture refinishing. This workshop will inform EPA’s understanding of the use of methylene chloride in furniture refinishing. Federal and state governments, industry professionals, furniture refinishing experts, non-government organizations, and academic experts, among others, will discuss the role of methylene chloride in furniture refinishing, potential alternatives, economic impacts, and other issues identified in EPA’s proposed rule [insert hyperlink] regulating certain uses of methylene chloride.

The proposed rule deferred action on the use of methylene chloride in commercial furniture refinishing.  It proposed a prohibition on the manufacture (including import), processing, and distribution in commerce of methylene chloride for most other types of paint and coating removal.

Information from the September 12, 2017 meeting will allow EPA to better understand current work practices and obtain additional information on the economic considerations involved in selecting chemical products for paint and coating removal in the furniture refinishing sector.

The meeting will be held at EPA Region 1 Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  EPA is also providing remote access for people who are unable to attend in person.

EPA has established an online registration system.