EPA issues new electronic reporting rule for TSCA section 5.

Today, EPA released a pre-publication version of a new rule for electronic reporting under section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The action, which comes in the form of a Direct Final Rule, amends the regulations governing the electronic submission of premanufacture notices (PMNs), other TSCA § 5 notices, and related documents to EPA. The rule provides for various new procedures and requirements for registration, reporting and submission, including new ways to access and complete the electronic-PMNs (e-PMNs), changes to the registration process for the Central Data Exchange (CDX), and requiring all “bona fide intents to manufacture” notices to be submitted electronically. The Agency’s intention in passing this rule is “to further streamline and reduce the administrative costs and burdens of TSCA section 5 notifications for both industry and the EPA.”

The Agency previously issued a Final Rule in January 2010 requiring the use of e-PMN reporting software for the submission of PMNs, other TSCA § 5 notices, and related documents through CDX. The new rule mandates the use of a new version of the e-PMN software, which is cloud-based. Firewall and file submission size limitations from the old version of the software have been eliminated.

Other minor changes to the regulations include:

  • Corrections of regulatory cross- references in 40 CFR parts 720 and 721;
  • Standardizes use of “manufacture” and similar language in parts 720, 721, and 725; and
  • Specifies electronic reporting procedures for the notification of new manufacturing sites pursuant to 40 CFR 723.50(j)(6)(ii).

After this rule, the only submissions related to TSCA § 5 that cannot be handled via e-PMN are:

  • Certain notices, like polymer exemption annual reports;
  • Certain support documents, including § 5(e) consent orders;
  • Certain communications, such as pre-notice communications and TSCA Inventory correspondence.

The Agency “may consider offering electronic reporting of these and other submissions in the future.”

The rule is scheduled to be published on Monday, July 20, and will become effective 180 days thereafter, unless EPA receives adverse comment within 30 days of the rule’s publication date. EPA will begin accepting submissions via the new e-PMN system beginning 45 days after the rule’s publication.

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