EPA finalizes withdrawal of TSCA § 8(d) reporting rule for cadmium


As we previously reported, EPA announced that it would withdraw its TSCA § 8(d) final rule requiring manufacturers of cadmium or cadmium compounds to report certain unpublished health and safety studies. Today, EPA released the pre-publication version of the final rule withdrawing the December 3, 2012 reporting rule. The reporting rule for cadmium was withdrawn due to “significant confusion…in certain industrial sectors subject to the final rule,” including uncertainty about which industries were subject to the rule.

EPA’s action today is based on the agency’s conclusion that the commenters’ concerns constitute good cause to withdraw the reporting rule without prior notice and comment per the Administrative Procedures Act. Likewise, because the withdrawal does not impose any new requirements, EPA found that the action is not subject to any Executive Orders (such as E.O. 12866, “Regulatory Planning and Review”), nor is it subject to the requirements of the Regulatory Flexibility Act or Title II of the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act. Per the Congressional Review Act (“CRA”), EPA will submit the withdrawal document along with other required information to Congress and the Comptroller General. Following section 808 of the CRA, the withdrawal rule will take effect early, on January 2, 2013.   A draft copy of the Federal Register notice is available here:  Prepublication_Cadmium-FRM-Withdrawal_2012-12-20[1].