EPA both finalizes and withdraws Significant New Use Rules.

EPA finalized Significant New Use Rules (SNURs) under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) for 36 substances on September 2, including several nanoengineered carbon compounds. The SNURs were first proposed in February 2013, and include several substances subject to § 5(e) consent orders. EPA is not finalizing the proposed SNUR for one substance, premanufacture notice (PMN) number P-11-155, in response to a comment from the PMN submitter urging the SNUR’s withdrawal while the agency’s recommended environmental toxicity testing is ongoing. Other changes in the final SNURs are mostly minor and involve ensuring consistency with existing consent orders and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. In response to comments on the hierarchy of engineering and administrative controls and collaboration with OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), EPA noted that it is “currently in the process of developing revisions to existing SNUR regulations that will serve as a template for future SNURs and SNURs already issued” and will consult with OSHA and NIOSH.

In July, we reported that EPA released two sets of SNURs by direct final rule. Earlier this month, EPA withdrew six of those SNURs after receiving notices of intent to submit adverse comment. The agency withdrew rules for the substances identified generically and by PMN number as follows:

  • 1,1′- methylenebis[isocyanatobenzene], polymer with polycarboxylic acids in alkane polyols;
  • aromatic dibenzoate (P-14-60);
  • propylene glycol, alpha isocyanate, omega silane (P-13-270);
  • aromatic dicarboxylic acid polymer with alkanediol, alkyl alkyl-2-alkenoate,1,4- dialkyl aromatic dicarboxylate, alkanedioic acid, alkanediol, .alpha.- hydro-.omega.-hydroxypoly[oxy(alkyl- alkanediyl)], hydroxyalkyl 2-alkyl-2- alkenoate, aromatic diisocyanate, alkyl 2-alkyl-2-alkenoate and 2-alkyl-2- alkenoic acid (P-13-563);
  • alkanedioic acid, polymer with alkyl 2- alkyl-2-alkenoate, alkanedioic acid, alkanediol, .alpha.-hydro-.omega.- hydroxypoly[oxy(alkyl-1 2-alkanediyl)], hydroxyalkyl 2-alkyl-2-alkenoate, aromatic diisocyanate, alkyl 2-alkyl-2- alkenoate and 2-alkyl-2-alkenoic acid (P-13-617); and
  • alkanedioic acid, polymer with alkyl alkyl- alkenoate, alkanedioic acid, alkanediol, .alpha.-hydro-.omega.- hydroxypoly[oxy(alkyl-1,2-alkanediyl)], aromatic diisocyanate, alkyl alkyl- alkeneoate and alkyl-alkenoic acid (P-13-619).

According to its Federal Register notice, EPA intends to publish proposed SNURs for these substances under separate notice-and-comment procedures in the near future.