Comments period extended for proposed perfluorinated chemicals SNUR.

EPA is extending the comment period for its proposed Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) for long-chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylate (LCPFAC) and perfluoroalkyl sulfonate (PFAS) chemical substances. The proposed SNUR, which was first released in January, designates as significant new uses the manufacturing or processing of certain LCPFACs for any use not ongoing after 2015, and any other LCPFACs for which there are currently no ongoing uses. The proposed SNUR also makes inapplicable the exemption for importing articles containing LCPFACs and carpets containing PFAS. EPA is extending the comment period because the agency received “several comments asserting that there may be significant implications for the supply chain.”

The comment period originally ran until March 23, 2015, but is now extended until June 26, 2015. The Federal Register notice of the extension is scheduled to be published on March 16, but is currently available in pre-publication form [PDF].