CAA Permitting and NAAQS Review

On April 9, Verdant attorney Kurt Blase addressed the American Coatings Association Powder Coatings Committee on Powder and PM: Permitting and NAAQS Review. The presentation examined the effect of powder coating lines on facility particulate matter (PM) emissions, and the potential effects of EPA’s current review of the PM national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) on permitting of powder operations.

It was reported that the addition of powder lines at a facility is likely to increase PM permitting requirements, and that permit conditions are likely to be more stringent for facilities located in airsheds that include other significant PM sources. EPA’s progress to date in the PM NAAQS review was then discussed, including the possibility that the review could result in more stringent standards for PM2.5, PM10 or both. If that were to occur, permitting requirements for powder lines may become more stringent as well. EPA is on a schedule to complete the PM NAAQS review by late 2020.