ASTM International Publishes Case Study on Standards for Biodegradable Plastic

ASTM International, in celebration of its 125th anniversary, solicited case studies from committee members to showcase standards that have had a significant impact on society. One of the winning entries highlights a set of standards for biodegradable plastic from Committee D20 on Plastics. Two companion specification standards for compostable plastics and paper coatings have been established to promote environmentally responsible end-of-life solutions. These ASTM standards, D6400 and D6868, respectively, are crucial for gaining acceptance in the marketplace and regulatory bodies in states such as California, Washington, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The plastics industry exclusively uses D6400 and D6868 for making biodegradability claims under industrial composting conditions, and these standards also serve as the basis for certifications issued by U.S. and European organizations. Many stakeholders require that compostable products meet D6400 for plastics and D6868 for coatings on paper, and industrial composters also demand adherence to these standards for the products applicable to composting